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Established in 1960, The WHS & T Archives represents a unique and extraordinary collection of pictures depicting historical subjects and personalities.  Built during more than forty years, this archive comprises colour and monotone images photographed from illustrations, adverts, collector cards, books, periodicals and other sources.

The subjects covered in the extraordinary collection include history, science, communication, technology, politics, war, agriculture, social and economic development, education, health and welfare, persecution an religion, sport and transport.  Ann Ronan Pictures is drawn from an international content base and contains comprehensive archive portraits depicting key scientists, philosophers, military, political, royal, literary, musical and other personalities, from ancient times to the early twentieth century, The Ann Ronan Collection contains excellent captions to all the pictures and the captions have been painstakingly researched and compiled by the dedication staff of the collection.

The WHS & T Archives contains the following:

Events over three millennia which shaped culture and peoples are depicted.  Enterprises, Conquests, Liberation and Conflict, World Leaders, Royals, Slavery and a myriad of other themes are reflected in this collection.

Film, Literature & Music - Dramatists, Writers, Essayists, Poets; Composers including Frescobaldi, Bernstein, Wagner, Bach, Verdi and Beethoven. Film Stills, Books and Authors; The Bible, Homer, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Shaw, Goethe, Goethe and HG Wells. Poets from Ovid to Yeats.

Philosophy and Religion - Marx, Leibnict, Aristotle Plato, Nietzsche, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Buddha, Jesus and Moses, are but a handful of the major religious and philosophical figures who are portrayed in a rich corpus of images in this collection. Religious practice and ritual from the dawn of time to the late 19th century.

Industry, Transport & Technology - Inventions, Mining, Technology, Bridges, Construction, Power, Engineering, Metals, Stone, Agriculture, Satellite imagery, Pumps, Tools, Lighting, Transport, Heating, Sanitation, Drainage, and Manufacture. From the pre-industrial society to the Industrial Revolution. From Europe to America, Africa to Asia. These images document the development of man's technologies and productive capabilities.

Medicine - The extraordinary story of Healthcare, Sanitation and Hygiene and Medicine, is populated by pictures of disease, pain, compassion, and innovation  in the research and application of health sciences, Nursing, surgery, physicians and anatomy are documented from Galen to Freud. From quacks to the key pioneers of medicine, these images offer compelling insights into attitudes and applications in medical care.

Astronomy & Space- Images depicting the earliest observations of stars and planets. From Galileo and Copernicus. Images from Nuremberg Chronicle, medievil and early renaissance to the early twentieth century. The NASA Space Programme completes this vast collection of Astronomy related pictures. Comets to galaxies, pictures recording the key benchmarks of human exploration beyond Planet Earth. From Egypt to Greece, from Newton to Hubble, the collection offers a diverse array of illustrations and photographs arranged to detailed systematic categories.

Science & Scientists - More than 2,000 portraits of Physicists, Chemists, Botanists, Palaeontologists, Biologists including Ampere, Newton, Volta, Watt, Linaeus, Lovelace, Hypatia, Curie, Bohr, Plank, Einstein, Leonardo, Stephenson, Bell, Archimedes, Darwin and many more. The Theories of Evolution, Applied Sciences, Microscopy, Heat, Elements, Power, Gas, Hydrodynamics, Gravity, Pressure, Numerology, Mathematics, Force, Energy and almost every development in science during more than 2,500 years. Portraits and works, Title pages and experiments.  Ann Ronan's collection represents the most comprehensive array of illustrative content documenting all branches of science, in many civilisations and epochs.

We will be loading new images from this collection daily, this will take some time owing to the amount of wonderful pictures available and the detailed task of entering keywords to ensure that the image/s you seek can be located easily.  In the meantime, send your image/s request via email and we'll put our Research Department onto the job and send low res files straight to you. Refer to the sitemap button at the bottom of this page for the index of the collection.

The DW Stock Picture Library: Your best source of Historical Photographs, 108 Beecroft Rd, Beecroft NSW 2119. Australia
Telephone (61) 2 9869 0717 or email: info@dwpicture.com.au




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